Tick tack tick tack...

Anyone hearing this type of noise in their minds yet, in anticipation of WinScriv?


Yes, definitely!

I’ve been thrown from expecting it on the 25th Aussie time to early in the morning my time to now I have to wait til after my first class. :laughing: But it’ll be well worth the wait!

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m going through right now. Anyone have any idea when it’s going to be released?

The rough estimate is 1p.m. Los Angeles time, 4p.m. New York, and 9p.m. U.K. time. They’ll be announcing the release on their twitter, @scrivenerapp.

The prime minister here in bankrupt Greece just came on TV to announce something big and important…

WHO CARES! Where is WinScriv?!?!?! :smiley:

A man’s gotta have priorities! :mrgreen:

Sorting galaxies…click click click

…Check for Scrivener update.

Post questions on Hubble survey board about what the heck that weird anamoly is in photograph five…

click click Check for Scrivener update.

holding breath
Um…no, no Scrivener update yet.


The irony is here at work I’m on a Mac, and have a mac trial version :smiley: But I am so excited!

Oh, but that just makes it worse in a way, because then you’re waiting for two updates, the Windows beta and the 2.0 Mac version! :slight_smile: