Ticking yes on compile doesn't include all chapters

Hi. Help! This is driving me mad. When I compile, I dutifully tick all the chapters that I want to be included. But only 80% appear! I have tried ticking and unticking, changing the font, it’s very weird. Strangely the title of the chapter appears in the manuscript but not any of the content. Thanks - Joanna

Hello Joanna. Welcome to the forum!

Since the chapter titles are appearing in the manuscript, it sounds like that material was created in the Manuscript/Draft section of the Binder. That would be the first thing to check and confirm.

If you click the little chevron next to the Manuscript/Draft folder and that material is still showing when the rest of the project has been hidden, then those items aren’t in the Manuscript/Draft part of the Binder.

Next, I suggest reviewing each sub-document for those chapters, to ensure that they are also marked to be included in Compile. You can either look for the small page icon with the checkbox along the bottom edge of the Main Editor window for each document. Or, you can review its Metadata tab in the Inspector pane to verify that it is marked “Include in Compile.”

If that all checks out, the next place I’d review is the Section Types assigned to each of those documents in the Project > Project Settings panel. In the Scrivener Manual, Section 7.6 covers Section Types and setting them up. You can access the manual via Scrivener’s Help menu.

You might also find the 4-part video tutorial series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac video page helpful. Those videos walk users through the Compile process and also demonstrate the Section Types. Reviewing the videos might provide some tips on where your settings need to be adjusted.

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