Tiger + 1.1 = updated project's blank

I too am bit by some major bug in Scrivener.

I’m runing Tiger 10.4.1, installed the update, and when the project opened it’s BLANK!

Yes, I can ‘show the package content’ but that’s a major pain on a 400+ page multi chapter project.

What’s gone wrong here!

There is a post Keith has made in the Bug Report forum which details exactly how you can fix this.

It is called “Fixes to Known Bugs” or something similar (sorry, don’t remember the exact name).

[Edit to Add: It is titled “KNOWN BUGS AND WORKAROUNDS” and is stickied at the top of the page].



I followed the directions first.
They did not work for me.

The only thing I can do is open the Scrivener packaged and find the 154 files. And then have to rebuild a new project.

Not my idea of ease.

There are two reasons a project may be blank.

  1. The bug described here (with a workaround):
    literatureandlatte.com/forum … 41a294b64b

It sounds like you tried that and it wasn’t the case.

  1. The problem described in the release notes (literatureandlatte.com/scrivChangeList.html), whereby if you accidentally open a project updated in 1.10 in an older version of Scrivener (1.03 for instance), the older version - because of a bug in older versions that has been fixed in 1.10 - will mistake the newer file format for an older one, try to update it, but corrupt it so that it cannot be opened in any version of Scrivener (it will open as a blank project, usually with three trash folders). Scrivener makes a backup of projects when they are updated, so in this case, you need to return to the backed up version, ensure all other copies of Scrivener are deleted from your disk (including emptying the trash) so that only 1.10 exists, and use 1.10 to update the project again.


Where would I find the backup file of the update file that now appears emtpy?
thanks, Keith.

and you’re right… the first workaround does nothing.
I’m attaching a jpg of what my screen looks like.


I have only 1.10 on my machine.
I found the backup that was created during the updating yesterday.

I opened it and again get only the empty screen.

Do you want to look at this file?
Why is this happening?

Sure, you can send me the file (support @ literatureandlatte DOT com). I can guarantee that it is a bug I have described, though. But I’ll happily help you get past it.