Tiger and Leopard

Do both versions projects work across? I have Tiger at work, I have no idea when they plan to upgrade, but I really want to upgrade to Leopard at home. Scrivener is the only app I really want to work on both. So, is it possible to use it on both computers and exchange the same file back and forth?
Best regards,
Steven Quinones-Colon

In a word - Yes! I’m running Leopard (10.5.1) on my iMac, Tiger (10.4.11) on my PowerBook, and I swap files back and fore without any issues or problems at all.

That’s Scrivener on OS X for you! 8)

Absolutely - the issue with versions isn’t one of operating systems but of Scrivener. In other words, just make sure that you are running the same version of Scrivener on both, preferably the latest version.