Time change?

I have my session target reset at midnight, and it was working fine until my clock switched from DST to Standard Time (I’m in US EST). Now it’s resetting at 11pm. How can I change the timezone within Scrivener?

I will test this out tonight and see if I can reproduce it as well. It could be that the fix we applied which was causing days to disappear in the deadline countdown negatively impacted the reset counter. The problem before is that if you had a deadline set that spanned over a time change, a day would be added or lost from the total count (depending on whether it spanned the start or end of daylight savings). I don’t remember what the precise remedy was, but it might be resulting in everything being off by an hour now internally. Got to love daylight savings. :neutral_face:

Okay, it is 23:11 out here, and the test project that I set up earlier today with 22 words on the session counter is still reading 22 words. I typed in some text and then closed the project and let it be, with the reset at midnight option enabled. Perhaps verify that your computer clock is accurate. I’ll check a few more times within this hour and see if it resets.