Time Delay Before Folder Expands

Hi Keith. As a recent convert, I’ll now be starting all my writing projects in Scrivener. For some past unfinished projects, that I’m importing in, being able to sort and organize numerous files in the Binder is a lifesaver. The only thing that would make it easier would be if the folders did not expand automatically when a file is dropped into them.

Let’s say I have a hundred text files that I’m going to organize into four different folders. I’d like to be able to just drag and drop them very quickly into where they belong. As the folders fill up though, they are pushed farther and farther apart visually in the binder. Pretty soon I have to scroll to get to the unsorted files and then scroll to get them to the right folder.

If a time delay could be added, then people doing a big sort could work very quickly, and those that needed the folder to expand would still have that function; similar to how this works in the OSX finder.

Thanks for listening.

In 2.0 there is a preference for having any folders that were automatically opened during drag and drop to close again afterwards.

All the best,

Well, that solves that. So essentially we have a programmer who listens to people’s suggestions, answers user’s questions in the forums and keeps improving his software. I’ll have to get used to this paradigm.

Kind of freaky, aint it?

Don’t want to dash your hopes altogether; hope springs eternal, and all that. But one outlier does not a paradigm make.