Time Flyer

Time Flyer is a timeline app. Dead simple to set up story timelines.




Thanks for this, Lord Lightning. I’ve downloaded the trial and have 6 hours to buy at the promo price – but I can’t find any Help file or instructions. Am I being more than usually thick?


Thanks for this, LL. It’s a great little program, imo.

crimewriter - I think there’s some information on the site and forum, though it seems pretty straight forward.

I did learn that if you click the timeline icon on the toolbar and enter a keyword, that any event you give that keyword to will be a second timeline (in my case, underneath the timeline). That is going to be sooo helpful for me. Plus the notes.

Of all the timeline programs I have - Bee Docs’ and Temporis are the other two - I like this one the best so far. Very easy to use and it does what I need it to. :smiley:

Yes, Studio 717, that’s exactly what I needed to know.
I played with TimeFlyer late last night and found that it was easy to do everything except insert a parallel timeline, so thanks. And 15 dollars didn’t seem like too much of a gamble, so I paid for it straight away.

I agree about Temporis and BeeDocs: I downloaded trials of those but found TimeFlyer did just what I wanted without any distractions – and I like the vertical format when I’m covering eighty or a hundred years.

Not only is Scrivener a brilliant program for writers but it has the best user forums and most generous posters, too.

Yes, LL, thanks for the post. On a number of occasions I have wished that I had some way of producing time-lines, and when I saw this at $14.95 on MacUpdate today, I had a quick try and then spent the money. I think I’ll have niggles, but at that price …


thanks from here as well. I tried the app several months ago but found it immature, limited and too expensive. It is still limited and immature, but the price was nice today, and the developer is helpful. So I bought it as a tool for my second really big novel :slight_smile:


From the TimeFlyer user forum I also downloaded ImageWell (freeware) which is so simple that even I can use it: you drag in an image and rescale it in a couple of seconds then send it off again. You can do clever things, too, but I haven’t got to them yet.



Thanks LL and crimewriter - I downloaded both programs and they’re great. ImageWell is just plain fun to use.