Time-Keeping !

That might be a far-off feature, but I’d love to see Scrivener keep track of the time spent actually working on each document (and giving a grand project total).

That would not be just how long a document has been kept open (as one can have several projects & documents open at the same time without working on them), but maybe like the auto-save feature already in place (saving when a document is not edited for 2 seconds), but reversed (when a document is not edited for 2 seconds, stop tracking time and save the current value in its meta-data).

Well, that 2 seconds value is arbitrary and maybe a longer value would be easier, but you get my point. I’d love to be able, just like I know how many characters / words my document & projects have, to access a menu and know I actually worked on this whole project for 48 hours.

What do you guys think of this ?


PS : I know I can use a third-party time tracking application, and I’m looking for one (if possible that integrates with Omnifocus, but that’s another story). And this might be even better since projects do not always involve just pure writing time but also hours spent researching on the web, interviewing on the phone, etc… But still… :slight_smile:

I would prefer not to ask Scrivener to do too many things at the same time. If it fits your needs, wouldn’t something like Active Timer be a better solution?


AT current version will even keep track of separate documents within each app.


(edit of previous message) : alas, AT doesn’t seem to track individual .scriv projects. I guess I need a per-project solution then.