Time Machine permissions problems

I’m trying to restore an old version of Scrivener using Time Machine. I get the message "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access MyProj.scriv’

I know that this isn’t the place for diagnosing Time Machine permissions problems but I’m really at a loss and trying to find some way to not lose 2 months work.

Can you restore anything else from that Time Machine disk? Just pick any non-Scrivener file, doesn’t matter what.

Also, was this before or after you upgraded to Scrivener 2.0? That is, is the project you’re trying to restore in the new or old format? Time Machine shouldn’t care, but…

This is after I upgraded to 2.0. I was able to restore non-Scrivener files.

In the regular Finder, check the permissions of the folder where the .scriv project will go and make sure you can write to that location. The other thing I would do is rename or move the copy of the .scriv project you are intending to restore over.