Time Spent on Project Statistic?

We have a bunch of writers who need to track their time on various Scrivener projects. Is this a statistic somewhere within Scrivener I’m missing?


Sorry, no, this isn’t possible. Scrivener can count words, but it can’t track time.

There are lots of general-purpose time-tracking tools out there, though, ranging from minimalist productivity trackers to full-fledged billing systems.


I use RescueTime for this. It’s cross-platform. For Windows, ManicTime is very good (or was, when I last used it). I’ve also used Timing for Mac (available in the App Store)—I know someone else on the boards uses and recommends it.

There’s also some enterprise-level software for this, that lets multiple people track and record their time in certain apps, but I don’t have any experience with it.

I’ve seen someone mention “Time Sync” which does pretty much what you want; it tells you how much time you’re spending with a given application/window.


I installed Chronos, by Clemens Shulz for this:

wetfish.de/software/chronos/?utm … gn=chronos

I haven’t had to use it much, but I found it easy to use and allowed separate timings for different projects, together, if I remember rightly, with the ability to set a ‘no activity’ time limit for it to pause the timer if you aren’t active in the application in question for whatever reason. Available in the Mac App Store £5.99 in the UK.

Mr X