Time Stamp

I am coming to a crossroads in my writing and my productivity. I have had Scrivener for a long time now and I continue to upgrade it when it needs upgrading. I have not yet gotten the Scrivener iOS app. When I do it will be a ground breaking achievement as I do not like making purchases on the app store. But, I am starting to seriously consider it.

Right now I am using TaskPaper to pull all my writing ideas together with my research. Then I am using Nisus as it is a very good word processor. The only iOS app I am using in my writer development projects is Apples Notes. One thing that Notes will not do is create a time stamp for a text entry. I can make all the new entries as new notes of course and each will have a time and a date stamp. I am speaking here of a macro that, when making entries in a notes field through the day, allows me to start the new item with a time stamp in the text field.

I think that I am coming to a time when I will see if I can make all my writing in Scrivener. Therefore I am willing to get the iOS version of Scrivener as a long term investment. What I want to know, is if the iOS version of Scrivener can already do more than I am doing with Notes? Specifically, if I start using a Scrivener document in iOS as a todo task list, will the Scrivener iOS app allow me to insert time stamps in the text field?

That is my question.



Thanks for your support of Scrivener, and also your interest in the iOS version. You can indeed insert the current date and time just like you can in the macOS version. In the iOS version, this is done via an “Insert” menu that is available at the bottom of the screen.

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