Time to give us an update for Scrivener 3 launch window ?


Scrivener 3 launch has been delayed a few times past years, and 2020 ends in a few weeks. Are you still confident to launch it on 2020, as mentionned in FAQ ? If not, I think it would be good for users to be able to convert S3 files into S1 files, just to keep on working on Beta version and return to S1 as soon as beta period ends (without fear of loosing days of work).

TBH, feeling a bit tired of the long postponing of S3, I’ve been looking for Scrivener alternatives these weeks, but curently, there is nothing as good (tried Shaxpir, yWriter, Quoll… nothing can beat Scrivener at this time). Hope the wait for S3 is near to its end !



Oups… sorry ! I hadn’t seen this blog message. Thanks for your answer !.

Just use V3 Beta as if it were a full release. It’s stable, easy to auto update and no remaining ‘gotcha’s’ I am aware of. L&L will lets us know when we have to pay for the name change. (Beta to Release Version)

If you’ve used any Google apps in the early days you will likely have been using betas as the public release for several years, MS was also guilty of same. Couple of other majors did similar, names don’t come to mind.

Has Google required anyone to uninstall / reinstall their betas every 3-5 weeks? :slight_smile: Not quite correct comparison here, imo. Web apps and desktop apps are not the same.

No, Google goes and updates your version for you and gives you little if any control over it.

Beta software is beta software, regardless of where it lives. It’s a fast-moving short-lived target primarily released for the purpose of testing code and fixing bugs. It is NOT a loophole to free, convenient software that one can use in perpetuity.

We get access to open beta versions because L&L decided it would be more convenient and useful to do that than closed betas. Frequent updates are the tradeoff we the users make in exchange for not having to use a license during the length of the beta. If one does not like that tradeoff, then don’t use the beta software.

Attempting to justify a product which has been in beta for over 2 years, all the while promising “any time now” for an RTM version is, frankly, absurd.

Either L&L just doesn’t care about its Windows users or they’re flat-out incompetent. As for the claim that it is stable and bug-free, it is not for me and, apparently, L&L agrees; that’s why it is still in beta.

Competent Windows programmers are not hard to find; the company should do that because, clearly, those they have now are not. Were I running this company, I would be mortified by my failings and do anything I could to fix the issue, rather than repeatedly lying to my users.

But you’re not.

You want to beat your chest about it? Go start your own company and build what you think is a better product. Hire those better developers. Keep your company running and growing and employing people all around the world for the same amount of time that L&L has, while serving as many customers as L&L has.

Until you put your money where your mouth is, nobody cares all that much.

I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of Win version 1.9. I’ve since moved on to Wavemaker, primarily for the ability to use it with any computing platform. There’s lots of good software out there, and no, they are not identical to Scrivener. BUT they do each have their own special charms, or they wouldn’t exist.

This is turning into a religious debate. You either ‘believe’, or you do not. I guess I’d say, “I’m agnostic”. My v3 should be grandfathered in, so when it is released, I will give it some serious consideration. And if it is superior to what I’m using at the time, I will use it. If not, no harm, no foul on anyone’s part. I barely check in on this forum anymore, but this sort of bickering is not an inducement to check in more often.

The bolded is what is most interesting, isn’t it? Some complain that it’s taken two years to get Scrivener 3. Others realize that we’ve had two free years of Scrivener 3.

Three free years of Scrivener 2 I think is more accurate. We’re now into the fourth December of the beta, and in a month we’ll be in the fifth calendar year. Sure we can joke about it, but each new beta release has brightened our lives through cold winters, the pandemic, and the Trump admin. So glad L&L is a successful business with the niche, the passion, the creative genius and the patience to wrest this masterwork out of the clay, whatever it takes.

I’ve been using v3 since Beta v7, way back in, I can’t remember. Best product I’ve never paid for, and when it’s time to fork over the cash, I’ll be at the pay-up-or-else window, post haste.

Just to agree with @JJSlote and @TwoLane.

I have been using the beta for a couple of years now, and I don’t feel any need to justify either its existence, its current state, or my use of it. For me (doing what I do, which may not be what you do) it just works - and has done for the last eighteen months.

L&L have said that they won’t comment on release dates anymore so these periodic threads serve no purpose other than venting or - in my case - reminding me how lucky I am to have been using this nice free software without being asked to pay (yet) :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to be specific, mainly because if I go back and look at when I first started using it, I’ll see how far away I still am from finishing some of my WIPs,

Actually, that’s not quite right. The first Beta was launched right at the end of 2017, so that Mac users like me who collaborate with Windows users and those who use both platforms could work in Mac v.3—launched October 2017—without having to continue using Mac v.2 for collaborative projects. So the years really start at the beginning of 2018; I think I got my collaborator on to the v.3 beta in late spring 2018, when it seemed stable enough for her to work in it.

Anyway 2018, 2019, 2020 …give or take an extra month, that’s 3 years, not 4!



It’s been so long that I actually fear for S4.
How long will S3 life cycle be?
I mean… Mac development hasn’t stopped right?
I would hate to finally get S3 and the next month see the announcement for S4 on MAC.
If that’s the case, I rather get myself a MAC virtual machine and pay for a resold OS.

What’s missing in Scrivener 3 that wakes this fear in you?

As far as I can tell, virtually all development for Mac has been done to make it compatible with changes Apple has made to MacOS (10.13 to 10.15.7, and now the change to MacOS 11 and the M! processor in new machines), and to deal with bugs introduced in MacOS that KB has had to work around. I haven’t seen any new features, but I’m willing to be told I’m wrong.



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