Time to panic.

All summer I looked at the calendar saying to myself ‘November, November, come to me!’ and now all of a sudden, I only have 9 days left!

I already used the idea I had during the summer for a currently unfinished (ofcourse) novel, so I have to come up with something new.


Do not push the red button!

-biting nails and drinking caffeinated drinks, how will I survive…

Just think about how I feel with my laptop currently in apple’s hospital (apple repair service center), and all my files being lost (hard drive failure). :frowning:
Anyways, I’ve been outlining everything by hand. Hoping I can get all of my tools reinstalled on my macBook when I get it back, but I’ll only have 4 days to do it before November (hopefully more).
I have something to write about, just not the computer to write it on. :blush:

I am not good with “assignments” but I do find it interesting to see how folks start in the same place then veer off in random angles. If there are a number of folks who have no idea “maybe” you might want to do a mechanical concept instead. Something like:

There might be some real world examples you could leverage.

Think of the options. Tragedy, comedy, mystery, psyco thriller.

I just might try this one myself.

Plots crap!! Couldnt `appen!!

I’m switching jobs so I’ve lost all the annual leave I scheduled for November. I’ll still get paid out what’s owing but no long weekends for me. :frowning:

I on the other hand still haven’t recovered from surgery, and my doctor has forbidden (yes, forbidden) me to work for at least the next month (so midway november). Less pay, but on the bright side, all the time in the world for Nanowrimo…


  • who has thought of some sort of plot, or at least a story-idea, but needs a motivator for her hero…

does saving the world from a rabid, 3 legged, one eyed, bad hat wearing pirate dog count?

Excellent! So some of your early scenes can be about someone who has used up their ideas, needs to come up with something new, and is panicking!