Time to start salivating for the next release

Even if it isn’t the production version, I’m hoping that the Compiler will be substantially functional in the December 15, 2018 release.

Pretty exited about it: I’m doing the final revisions of the185K word first book of my 5-book SciFi epic before sending it off to be printed for my beta readers. Hopefully by Christmas, but fortunately, there’s no real deadline. :smiley:

Very happy with Scrivener for Windows 3.0 Beta, so far.

My body is ready for a version that doesn’t crash on sleep/wake! (I didn’t have anything to compile yet and I have a Mac in the unlikely case I need to suddenly compile anything, but my laptop runs Windows and Scrivener just…disappears on wake every now and then.)

Getting a bit anxious when it reminds me the beta will stop functioning in just one week!

When the new one is released .10 should inform you. I had mine pop up with that when I had it check for the last two updates. This should ease some fears.

No fears here.

But I would love to know whether the next release is the production version or another beta.
Either is fine, but I’ve been itching to send L&L money for a year now. :slight_smile:

From all that is being said by one of the developers its going to be a beta.

I’d bet on that. Too many bugs to squash, yet, and they have to see if the fixes are good and don’t cause other issues.

And it’s here! Yay! Thanks, L&L!

Yay! And might I just say that the new Dark Mode is my new favorite feature of Scrivener. It said in the notes it might not stay, but I’m begging, please, PLEASE keep Dark Mode!

We do plan keeping the new Dark Mode feature, FadedStardust. We spent a good amount of effort to make the state usable and make you guys happy. There are still few minor places to polish, like the cut off text in the popup dialogs, but we do plan on keeping it. Enjoy!