Time to tell Apple to get its RTF improved

An article on Ars Technica suggests a number of things to urge Tim Cook to do as Apple surges into the future. It asks for readers comments. I wish I was technically alert enough to be able to tell Ars Technica to tell Mr Cook to fix Apple’s underlying text engine and fix the way Macs handle RTF. That is Scrivener’s format, nicht wahr? So can some knowledgeable tech genius please go to the page on Ars Technica and argue persuasively for what Apple really needs to do to fix these things? Instead of, say, finding a new color scheme for the iPhone, or developing yet another teenager toy? Please? Here’s the page:

arstechnica.com/apple/2012/08/10 … -at-apple/

Many thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

John Tranter

But… but… Mac OS X 10.9 is going to feature a Facebook plug-in, and horizontal scrolling will be inverted! Isn’t that good enough? Doesn’t that make you happy?

It makes me delirous with joy.

Then all we need is a law that makes all adult males wear what was restricted to teenage boys and maritime workers (sailors) in 1956: blue jeans! Then we (males) can be young forever!



I heartily agree with all of that. Tight t-shirts and white hats.