Time Urgency- Transfer Scrivener file from Air to Desktop

I normally work on my laptop but today I need to work on my desktop. I just downloaded Scrivener and What are the steps are to get my Research Proposal from my laptop to my desktop, while keeping it in Scrivener form? Meaning I do not want to export it to a doc. file…unless there is a way to convert it back once it is on my desktop.

thank you

Chapter 7 of the Scrivener Manual deals with managing projects, and has a section on moving projects to other machines.

literatureandlatte.com/docum … ual-a4.pdf

Did you create a ZIP file backup of the laptop version first?

If so, just transfer it to the desktop,
double-click the ZIP file to decompress
and double-click the scriv file to launch it.

When finished, backup a ZIP copy to the laptop.
The date/time stamps will show you which
is the latest version.