Time Worked

I follow Trollope’s* example and write for a target amount of time. I am also interested in seeing a history of my time invested. Is there a tool for this in Scrivener?

*Each morning, before leaving for his job at the post office, Trollope wrote for three hours. “Three hours a day,” he reckoned, “will produce as much as a man ought to write.”

There’s no timer included in Scrivener, but you could use the “session target” setting of the Project Targets to keep track of how much you write in a period. It will count text you add anywhere in the project, so you can just hit the “Reset” button (or open the project fresh) and go for three hours, then take a look at the counter to see how much you’ve typed. There’s no need to set a specific goal if you just want to see what you’ve written, though you can certainly add that, too. You can open Project Targets from the Project menu.

I am a new user and excited about scrivener. Seems like a timer element in the settings area of the full screen would be great - and some way to set, read or reset those session settings you are talking about there - so that at the end of the set-time period scrivener just pops us out of the full screen.

This would be simple, elegant and very helpful.

Thanks for considering new ideas, Greg