A neat, simple timer: http://www.macmation.com/TimeBoxed

Its USP is that, whilst visible, it’s unobtrusive. It can also be Applescripted.


Thanks, I’ll have to give this a look. I’ve been needing a simple timer ever since Minuteur went shareware.

Hmm, I’ve just discovered it isn’t freeware, Amber. There’s a 20-day demo period and the licence is 14.99 Euros - which is rather more than Minuteur’s $8.00… What is more, it doesn’t use an alphanumeric registration, so transfer to a new computer could be tricky.

Pity, it’s a cleaner concept than Minuteur’s.


Hmm. It seems timers are one thing universally over-charged. Considering the software I can get for even $8 and especially $20. I generally use my iPod these days.

While I agree the presentation for TimeBoxed is simpler, the usage isn’t so much. To set a time for ten minutes in Minuteur, I click on the timer and type: “1000” and then walk away. With TimeBoxed I have to open a preference panel (Cmd-T), make sure I’m in the right field (tab-tab-tab-tab) then type in 10, then (tab tab) and activate the button (space). So, in that regard it isn’t quite as slick. It’s also missing the ability to save a set of preset timers (which, amusing, since it is so easy to set a timer in Minuteur I never used).

I use this dashboard timer. Donationware.

Oh, thanks for reminding me of that one. I stopped using it when it broke under the Leopard release. Nice to see they’ve got it working again. Or—rather they haven’t updated it but it appears a subsequent Apple release fixed the conflict. I still get some drawing errors on it, but at least it raises the Dashboard when the timer expires.

I just use my alarm clock! That’s been working very well :smiley: -