Timed 'lock'

What i would like to see with this program:

i would like to see some kind of device that would lock the program on the screen for a certain amount of time.

say…um, i have this ‘friend’. This ‘friend’ has severe technological induced ADD (yes i made that up). when my friend is on his lovely new macbook, all the other apps available are calling his name when he tries to write.

now, if there were a way to tell the program that you wanted to write for, say, half an hour, you would select the ‘half hour lock’ from a menu and the program would confirm your selection, then go to the full screen view, blocking out everything but your text and info/research. when in this mode, you could not exit (with ease). after the half hour, it would go back to the normal view and you would be able to exit the program if you wish.

i think that would be helpful to people like me…i mean…my friend.

i know there could be hitches like “what happens if i REALLY have to exit the program?” but its just a rough suggestion…

hope it makes sense

I have a similar setup on my MacBook to overcome this very problem. I have two user accounts my writing account and my normal account. On my writing account I can only use my actual writing programs (e.g. Scrivener, Dictionary, etc.) and then use a program called MacMinder to lock myself out of my normal account during my normal writing times.

I second the advice to have a “writing account”. Just make a separate account for yourself on your computer, and if you have to, use the “parental” lock-down features to restrict access to only those applications and web-sites necessary for writing. And yes, either use something like MacMinder, or turn off rapid user switching so changing accounts becomes as annoying as possible.

Oh, and tell Your Friend about a nice little program called Minuteur. It’s a free timer that is easy to use and can either count up or down.

ooo, that’s a good idea. to bad i…i mean…my friend never thought of that.

thanks much for the suggestion
p.s: it’s ok if i install Scrivener on more than one user then, right?


Click the Clock Tab

Check ANNOUNCE THE TIME (Every Half Hour)

Open SCR in Full Screen.

Type until the time is told to you by your computer a few times.

^i suppose that would do too. i just don’t think i’m disciplined enough to do that. ( i don’t think i’m the only one either…)

but i will try all of your suggestions.


Yes, but you won’t be able to share documents between the two user accounts unless you upload them elsewhere, or place them in the accounts’ Public folders.

^ ok…so i put all my documents in a public folder that i can access from both accounts… last night i managed to write for almost 2 hours straight, un-add interrupted!

thanks so much to all


And so begins the end of the beginning.

Find ways to control the mind and you will be successful at everything you do.

Hmm. We need a program called MindMinder.

we do actually…i believe its called Ritilan… but i could be wrong :slight_smile:

That uses an unsupported haxie framework though, doesn’t it?

^since i don’t know if that was a joke or not (i know nothing about ‘haxie’) i find the need to clarify:

i was talking about the pill…

(yes i know i’m computer illiterate…)

if it was a joke: i’m sorry i’m dimwitted…

Yes, it was an awful geek joke. :wink: A “haxie” is a hack which makes the computer do things outside of its normal safety parameters. An applied example would be program which fixes a known problem in the computer, but does so in a way that is not supported by Apple. The next time Apple releases an update, your computer could just stop working entirely.

I think My iMacs got a soddin Alien queen haxie inside and shes laying eggs all over :open_mouth:

The very definition of A Slippery Slope.

  1. Already have a “writing” account, which I rarely use, but this thread got me thinking about it again.

  2. Decided I should give it a shot, but I need email available (with “check mail” turned to manual, thanks Merlin Mann!) in case a client needs me.

  3. Was about to turn on Mail, Scrivener, & Airport only in the writing account when I thought “Not terribly elegant, is it?”

  4. Am now online at the Apple Store, seriously considering an iPod Touch (I mean, I need a new iPod anyway. Kind of. And then I can check email…)

  5. Now thinking “My music collection’s getting so big. Man. It’d be great just dump it on the iPod, but that means getting the 32MB…”

This thread is killing me.

At Amber:

ah! i actually looked up a ‘haxie’ on wikipedia before i left to work. now i’m enlightened. and understand the joke (sort of…) :slight_smile:

At Vic:

i think i saw a movie like that once…i think it was ‘alien vs imac’…oh well, titles don’t much matter. point being: i once saw a movie…where was i going with this again?

At Sean:

so far the dual account has helped me greatly (i’ve gotten 2 short story roughs done, my play almost edited and almost 6 chapters in BOTH my books done in the past few days)

the main thing the strategy depends on though is a TINY bit of self control. only allow yourself a little bit of free time outside of writing.

BTW: i have the 16 GIG Ipod Touch V2. i love it and i STRONGLY suggest getting it if you are in the market for a new MP3 player.