timeline and custom meta-data fields, when?

When would be possible this options in Windows?, on the next version?

Timeline, never. Keith has stated that adding a timeline isn’t something that really fits with Scrivener. I don’t know where that post is right now.

Custom meta-data (as well as other features) are in the works, we just don’t know when right now. Feature parity with Scrivener 2.x (Mac) is what they are aiming for.

The maker of Aeon Timeline is supposed to be working on a Windows version, which I assume will work with Scrivener when the custom metadata fields are added. There is a forum entry that essentially says, “I’m working on a Windows version; can’t say when it will be done,” here: scribblecode.com/forum/viewt … ?f=5&t=158

Matt is apparently working on releasing at least a first Beta by the next NanoWriMo. Remember though, that the Aeon dev team is much smaller than Scrivener’s. (Just one guy??)