Timeline/calendar feature?

I would LOVE to see some kind of timeline or calendar feature that would allow novelists to keep track of when plot points are happening in the story. Every time I start a story I try something new, but because it’s not integrated into Scrivener I either a) forget about it or b) get frustrated shuffling back and forth between programs.

If you do a search on the forum for “timeline” (or even “calendar” I imagine) you’ll find a lot of threads discussing this already, and some explanation from Keith for why it’s not part of Scrivener. There’s also the Aeon Timeline thread for that program in development from a Scriv user, though I see you said you’ve tried external programs and had troubles.

Scrivener 2.0 will have the custom metadata column for the Outliner/Inspector, so maybe with some creativity you could use this somehow to keep track of where your events occur? Use it with calendar dates from your story, for instance, or times if you need to get down to the minute. You’ll be able to sort by column, too, so you’d be able to view all the events in chronological sequence even if that’s not the way the scenes are actually ordered in the draft.

LOL–I was just reading the blog post on what Scrivener 2.0 won’t have and saw the first item was timeline! I was going to come back and delete this but since someone else already posted I don’t want to do that. :slight_smile: I must say, though–after reading about the ability to make custom text columns on the outliner, I could most definitely use that, assuming I’m imagining it properly. That alone is worth the price of the upgrade to me. :slight_smile: