Timeline Date Range

I’m exploring different methods for creating a timeline and for now I’m trying to stay within Scrivener and use a custom date field. As far as I can tell this will only work for a specific event date and not for a date range, say an event/occurrence/situation that spans several months or a year. Has anybody found any way to input a date range within Scrivener 3?

You can put whatever you want in a text field, but obviously then Scrivener won’t see it as a date.

Or you could use two fields, one for the start and the other for the end.


Thank you. I thought about the Begin/End Date idea, but if I have those fields in addition to an “Event Date” field then I can’t sort all the documents chronologically (as far as I know you can only sort in outliner by one column). Perhaps I could use a “begin date” field for all events, and then only use the end date when there is a longer duration. I’m just playing around with this now and wanted to know a bit more about the options.