Timeline for fiction

I think a timeline function would be great.

Multiple timelines for different characters and events, content editable, colour or other coding for each character and sequence of events, printable in a chronological layout, variety of visual themes for the timeline, horizontal and vertical timeline visible simultaneously or separately, drag and drop function of elements in the story, images, diagrams and other information, which can also be minimized or maximized, and lastly interchangeable position of characters and events on single or multiple timelines.

The timeline function could either be added as an element of Scrivener or as a separate installment, the added price for it I think is definitely worth $10-$15 if added as an element to Scrivener, and $20 as a separate installment, as a timeline function would be a valuable asset to authors. If the cost of the timeline function would be too high, I think it would put customers off.


It’s always worth doing a search before you post. This has been discussed before, and this link takes you to a statement by Keith that there will never be a timeline in Scrivener, and why:


Cheers, Martin.

PS: I should have added that there is already a Mac timeline program called Aeon Timeline which integrates with Scrivener, and I believe they are working on a Windows version. There is a section of this forum dedicated to it.