Timeline for New Windows Features?

Hello! I was wondering if there as a timeline to get the following features into the Windows version of Scrivener, please?

-Sync: I work between a desktop and laptop, primarily the latter, and I use Dropbox to sync my projects. When I try to open a project from a different computer, I end up with a conflicted copy. The sync option available for Mac users would be awesome. I saw it in the list of differences between versions. When might this be ready, please?

-App Import: I use StorySkeleton on iPad, and I bought it specifically because it could sync with Scrivener. Turns out this was only for the Mac version. Could you please give us windows users the ability to import apps? I think I saw this too, in the list of differences between the two versions.

Thanks for reading and a great product!

Actually, this is just a matter of following the manual’s guidance in the section titled “Scrivener Everywhere.” I use dropbox to sync “live” projects between Mac and Windows all the time without any issues. The key thing is to make sure dropbox has a good connection to the internet and to always let dropbox finish syncing after you close a project and before you open it.

Hey, Robert. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually do what the manual says. I wait for the program to complete its backup (its default save location is in my Dropbox) before completely closing the program. I still end up with a conflicted copy.

Try closing Scrivener completely first (even the start screen, if you use it) and THEN wait for Dropbox to do its thing. Does that help?

I have my Scrivener files on my Dropbox folder too and have not experienced sync conflict issues.

By “the program” and “its backup”, do you mean Scrivener and Scrivener’s automatic backup, respectively? Or do you mean Dropbox and Dropbox’s syncronization activity?

My advice is to close the project and wait for dropbox to finish syncing on the one computer (let’s call it comp1) and then at comp2 (your other computer), boot up/log on, and then wait for the dropbox program to download all changes and finish starting all the various programs, taskbar items, spambot trojan horses, etc… before you open Scrivener on comp2.

Have you also set your autosave interval to 10 seconds or longer?
Do you habitually/compulsively hit CTRL-S to save your work after every couple of words? Rapid-fire saves might cause conflicts, though I haven’t confirmed this through experimentation.

A potential conflict may arise with Dropbox when the following happens (but it does not pertain to Scrivener in particular):

  1. On PC1: You create a new FILE1 (a large file) that does not exist on PC2.
  2. On PC1: Dropbox starts syncing to the cloud.
  3. On PC2: You log in and Dropbox starts syncing. Since FILE1 is not yet fully synced to the cloud from PC1, Dropbox on PC2 says “Updated”.
  4. On PC2: You create another file with the same name and location (FILE1).
  5. On PC1: Dropbox completes syncing to the cloud.
  6. On PC2: Dropbox is notified and downloads the original FILE1 file created on PC1.
  7. You may end up with a conflict.

Dropbox does its job very well, in my experience. This is the only case I’ve found of sync conflicts, but it has not happened with my Scrivener files so far.

THAT makes sense! I think that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. I always thought that my file was up to date on my other computer since that’s what Dropbox was reflecting.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. What I’ve begun doing is allowing Dropbox to run for a moment, syncing all of my work before trying to open my project. I’m not sure how it’s working yet as I’ve just gotten started, but I appreciate the advice.

I’d still really like to see that feature implemented at some time, though. Is there a timeline for that, please?

That’s exactly what you need to be doing. Basically if you open your project before it starts syncing, you are opening the old project, and then it is open while Dropbox is downloading updates to the project, and anything you’ve touched so far will become conflicted. Likewise if you open at any point during the download, there is a chance of confusing Dropbox.

We don’t publish timelines for anything unless they are practically finished. Public deadlines usually just lead to rushed releases full of bugs, and synchronisation is not something you want to rush. :slight_smile:

It’s potentially also worth pointing out that the Sync with External Folder feature of the Mac version is specifically not about keeping Scrivener projects in sync across machines. It’s meant for working with other applications, exporting Scrivener documents to a folder and format where you or a collaborator can work on them from Word, from your iPad, etc. and then later syncing the changes back into the project. It’s not going to help with the case you’re describing, where you have a project you want to work on in Scrivener on multiple computers. For that, Mac and Windows users have the same options, like keeping the live project in a Dropbox folder, storing zipped backups in a syncing folder and unzipping the latest copy to work locally as you switch computers, transferring the project with a USB stick, etc.

Just to get this straight: I know that I can sync my Scrivener files on my iPad with my Windows laptop using DropBox. My question is, do I have to buy two licensed copies of Scrivener, one in each platform?


There’s no ipad version (yet) of Scrivener to buy. When there is, you’ll have to buy it through iTunes or the App store on your ipad. If you had a Mac, you’d have to pay for a Mac license to use it on that platform as well.

The external folder sync they’re talking about hasn’t been implemented on Windows yet (unless I missed something in the recent update), but you can kind of do it by hand, using File->Export->Files, edit on the ipad via Dropbox, and then use modification time stamps in Windows to tell which of the files changed when you get back to your Windows machine; then copy & paste your changed file contents back into the appropriate Scrivener documents.

When Scrivener for ipad does come out, then you’ll likely just point it at your full .scriv project folder and it will act (more or less) like another copy of Scrivener accessing the project.

(pure speculation on my part; I’m not in any way part of the Lit & Lat team)

Very helpful, thanks! I’m sure I was confused about there being an iPad version because I’ve been searching through a variety of apps and their options. Scrivener seems by far (BY FAR!) the best for my purposes.
I’m looking forward to using it. . . without the complication of going back and forth between my laptop and iPad. SOME day that will happen, and I’m sure it will be a smooth transition.

Again thanks,

Hey, just out of curiosity, when will the revisions mode be available on the Windows version? I just switched to Mac, but I’ve got a few friends that I’d love to do some chapter swapping with, and I’d love it even more if we can keep it all in Scrivener. Just curious if that’s in the books for version 2 or not.

As noted above: