Timeline Metadata Viewer for Scrivener

I got annoyed with a commercial product for timelining Scrivener, but still needed something to help me keep everything in order and to visualize it. So, perhaps as the ultimate displacement activity, I wrote one.


  • Works with the Scrivener project open
  • Reads existing metadata in Scrivener well (which is what annoyed me to begin with)
  • Plots the meta’d docs on a zoomable/scrollable timeline
  • Provides a quick inspector for timelined events
  • Automatically Resyncs with Scrivener when the project changes, when both are open
  • Can put you in the selected document in Scrivener (deep links)

All data is stored and edited in Scrivener; this is a viewer and visualizer, not a stand-alone tool.

It isn’t ready for prime time, but if you want to test it or try it, please drop me a line.

p.s. to mods… I asked for advice on this a few days ago, didn’t get any. Can I just post a download link somewhere?

p.s. to everyone else… umm… it works with Windows and Scrivener Beta.

This is now ported to the Mac also.