Hi all

I would appreciate advice on how to incorporate a timeline into my project (an academic thesis). Ideally the timeline should be a double one, with one series of events shown above the other and overlapping with it as the lower series starts later and continues longer. Also, most of the dates are not precise, but things like ‘Attested from the archaic period on’. Despite this very clear idea of what I want, I have no idea how to achieve it, due to my great technical incompetence. Help, please? Many, many thanks.

Scrivener doesn’t itself have dedicated timeline features, but many people use Aeon Timeline which was developed to work with Scrivener (details here). A Scrivener user has also developed a timeline using Scrivener’s existing functionality (details here) - though I notice from the thread that he’s now recommending Aeon. There are of course other timeline applications for the Mac, whose charts I imagine you could include as images in your project - if this is your plan - but I’ve no experience of them; the Scrivener Manual (under the Help menu) may help with placing such images in your text.

Thanks, Hugh, that’s really kind. I don’t think TromboneAl’s solution will work for me, because I want the timeline to appear within the text of my thesis, not to be a tool for me to keep track of events in a story. I’ve been checking out Aeon Timeline, which I’m afraid I find rather complicated! Is it possible to enter text such as ‘Archaic period on’ as dates, or do all dates have to be single years?

Honestly, I don’t know. I believe that Aeon allows a degree of “temporal fuzziness”, but quite likely not as much you need. I used to use 3D Timeline for Mac, but again, I don’t remember how much fuzziness it permits, if any. The best thing you can probably do is to download trials for these two and any others you can find on Google, and give them a whirl.

A further possibility, if none of the dedicated Mac timeline-creators is fuzzy enough, is to “grow your own” in Powerpoint, Excel or Keynote. If you Google “Excel AND timelines” you will see some images of examples which look like they could include “vague dates” (although I imagine that creating something along those lines could be a bit of a sweat).

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