Since Scrivener doesn’t have a timeline, what do you recommend? Some people use the Storyline feature that comes with Writers Cafe, and use Scrivener for everything else. What do you think?


I tried both Writer’s Café’s and StoryMill’s timeline feature, but none of them felt ductile enough to me. Temporis has some serious design flaw (overlapping events, rigid time unit not allowing for sub-multiples), and TimeLine only runs under Leopard.

After having used CMap Tools for a while, in the end I decided to rely on OmniGraffle, since I own an old license of it. Should I have to buy a new program, I would look at one of the various drawing programs around, biulding some basic templates for recurrent objects.

While waiting for a dedicated timeline application that can work for me.


I just started trying out Time Flyer today. It looks like it has possibilities.

There is a TimeLine version for Mac OS 10.3.9 and above on the Bee Docs’ Download Page, very well hidden.

I found the Tiger version of Timeline, ands it works well, but I have to admit I prefer Time Flyer. Easier to use, better control, and you can create separate storylines above and below the line.