I’ve tried lots of other writing software and they are invariably overly complicated. What I love about Scrivener it is simple and intuitive and you can just get on with it. I particularly love the corkboard!

The one feature I would humbly suggest you might consider adding is a timeline feature, so you can track multiple story strands against one another. This would obviously be useful within a single story, but also if you were plotting, say a television series, and needed to track lots of character/story arcs that were beginning, starting and crossing in different episodes. I hope I’m clear.

I can’t think how this could merge with the main programme… maybe it could be a stand alone module?

I am aware that Storymill does something like this, but I gave it a go and it immediately befuddled me. I want something simple (you notice, we have a theme going here?)


Try this: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27. Also, if you search the forum on “Timeline”, you’ll probably find quite a lot of threads explaining more.


Thanks. I thought I had done a search for Timeline, maybe I’d written ‘time line’. Schmuck that I am!