I haven’t bought this software nor have I played around with the trial that much yet. I was just wondering whether the software had a timeline system, something like the image below?

I could of course use the existing features which were described on the features page to simulate a timeline but It doesn’t feel quite the same as an actual timelime visualisation.

Scrivener does not have a native timeline feature, and previous discussions with KB have indicated that he didn’t intend to add one to Scrivener at those times. You can use Aeon Timeline to integrate with Scrivener projects, however.

Well that’s a shame. Would have been ideal because I wanted to keep everything offline in a standalone application; it looks like it’s the only thing that’s missing imo. I will have a look at Aeon Timeline.

Thank you for your time.

Aeon Timeline is also a standalone application that (optionally) integrates with your Scrivener projects. It’s got a fantastic feature set – much better than any we would be likely to get any time soon even if KB wanted to work on adding it to Scrivener – and you don’t have to be online (or use a sync engine) to use it. Last I knew, they still had the same kind of flexible trial period that Scrivener has, so you should have plenty of time to evaluate it. Word of warning, though – create a new test project or two to play with the integration before you start using it on your live projects, even if those test projects are just saved copies of your live project. Backups are king!

I use Aeon Timeline with Scrivener. What Devinganger said. :smiley:

A simple timeline like that would be ideal. I have Aeon timeline but don’t really like it. Too complicated. I moved to Papyrus Author which has EVERYTHING in one program but its too expensive. LL Please add a simple timeline feature! :slight_smile:

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Based on previous discussions with the head developer, this is extremely unlikely at this time.