Timelines - another alternative

The Timeline Project

A couple of months ago, while racking (or wracking) my brain on this, I stumbled across a very simple Open Source program that turned out to be easy install, quick to use, and an almost non-existent learning curve. You can display multiple centuries or hone in on a day, week, month, year, decade, century etc and export it to .png file.

My Dropbox has as folder for the images, so it’s a pretty simple external link and when I update the timeline can spit out a new image and everything is still in sync for.

I have no connection with anybody involved with this software, and it’s free. I just like to pass it long when I find a great tool.

sourceforge.net/projects/thetime … =directory

Thanks for this link. I have downloaded the program and will give it a try. My novel has a two-part timeline, and I haven’t yet completely determined how long (in years) one part of it lasts and how long (in weeks or months) the other part lasts. This might let me brainstorm that with a visual aid.

Thanks. It looks like a really useful aid for outlining. :slight_smile: