well while looking around I found this little gem


Now the program can also be downloaded so if you have cross over or running windows, you may be able to run this.

Anyhow I generated a fast and dirty timeline… whose events needs to be filled in.

since I have cross over running for other reasons.


It is called keynote, and no it is not that NEW. It is about oh 2003 old, but it is one of the best Tree programs out there. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that it worked under cross over. What is more…if you are running any emulation program give this one a whirl. It is actually worth the thirty seconds it takes to download.

And it is a GOOD things that this program runs… since I have used it for years for organization purposes. (This also means my keynote files on the WIN machine will run on this one… no more vista fighting)

(Yes I had another wasted hour updating the deist games site. It is getting to the point that I might must buy another dreamweaver license… )

There’s a shareware timeline app for Macs that I downloaded a while back to have a play around with, I didn’t buy it in the end as I realised I didn’t need to use a timeline after all for what I was doing. It looks quite nice and easy to use though.

I tried it, but did not find it that useful or friendly.

It would be perfect if I was teaching history… but it was a tad too complex to use for myself since my dates are not “in the real world”

Thanks anyways… and yes, tried modifying the date system

After reading this I d/l Crossover but can’t get Keynote (I use it with Win XP) on my MacBook. Did you make some tweaks to get it to run?

Bee Documents has just released a major upgrade to their Timeline software.


Looks nice but only works on Leopard…

Looks lovely, but it would seem - especially judging from their LORD OF THE RINGS mockup on the front page - that it still doesn’t support “fantasy dates”, which is a dealbreaker for me. I need something with the ability to assign arbitrary names (and number per period) to days of the week, months of the year, and the years themselves :frowning:

Thanks for the link.

I played with the earlier version (up through 4.11) and it seemed to work OK. I tried a few years in the Reformation era to see what would happen. Worked as I expected.

I might wait, though, until I buy the new laptop next month so that I can experiment with the Leopard version.

That’s what I need, too. In all my searching I’ve come up with zilch.

P.S. Was it just me, or was that “Lord of the Rings” timeline really messed up?

I don’t know, I didn’t look that closely :wink:

It’s the sort of thing that, bearing in mind my programming knowledge extends as far as 10 PRINT “HELLO”, seems like it should be so easy. And I’m sure if it was as intuitive and good-looking as BD Timeline, such an app would sell like hot cakes to the legions of SF&F authors out there (the vast majority of whom are on Macs…)

While I’m about it, how about a fantasy map making app? Plonk down your hexagons, there’s a forest, there’s a city, here’s your coastline… again, something that seems a really obvious and untapped niche to me. I’d buy it!

I’ve probably already said this, but I’d be happy with real dates - historical ones that aren’t nice and neat, such as tracking historical events through both Old Style and New Style in England and on the Continent before 1752.

Of course, for far too many folks, history is a sort of fantasy never-neverland. :frowning:

Nope, just loaded it… it takes about thirty seconds to load

If you have cross over Autorealm sort of works, and it is free.

If you don’t and feel like playing with Dunjinni… it is JAVA but also works on the Mac. These days I am doing my maps using … Corel Painter, and quite frankly pencil and paper. Found a good website with instructions, and yes I have Campaign Cartographer (The industry standard), and cannot make it run over cross over…

Oh links





Try Imperial Russia of Katherine the Great


And if you really want to have some real fun… 16th century spanish.

Trained Historian here <----------

I don’t, and it looks a little too freeform for what I want, to be honest.

Wow, now that looks more like it! I’ll give the demo a try. Could be just what I’m after!

Yeah, I use pen and paper (and occasionally Illustrator) to do it by hand, too, but I often find myself crossing stuff out and/or having to redraw, which is why I’ve been looking for a software solution. Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile:

Alas, it turns out Dundjinni isn’t quite what I’m after, either.

I can see myself “doing a Keith” and making it myself at this rate…


Have you checked out the newest version of SuperNoteCard? I think (IIRC) that it now has the ability to align cards in different rows with gaps in between (so you can have, in essence, timelines of different events along side each other).

Also, I believe Storylines is being updated, so you might want to keep an eye on that, too, if it does what you’d like (or close to it).

In the Windows world, two programs I’ve used in the past, Writers Blocks and Storyview, might have what you’re looking for. Since I haven’t used them for a long long time, I don’t know if they are being kept up-to-date or not.

Storyview was amazing - if utterly overwhelming - in what it could track. It was originally developed for tracking movie scripts (down to beats!).

I’m sure you’ve already checked out at least some of these, so I hope you don’t mind a redundant list.


SuperNoteCard and StoryLines are really no better than using a spreadsheet, though (Yes, I have done timelines in Excel, though now I use OmniOutliner).

I tried WritersCafe for a while, and sort of liked it - mainly for Storylines - but it never really clicked, and the lack of customisation in SL bugged me (only being able to name rows, not columns, etc.). SL does what it does well, but it’s only useful as a relational timeline, i.e. in pure story terms - this happens before that, that happens before this, and so on. As an objective timeline (this happens on that date, and will always be in that position regardless of what else gets added in around it), it’s no use.

From what I’ve (admittedly briefly) seen of them, both Writer’s Blocks and StoryView have the same problem. All these apps are designed to create relational timelines, where the importance is on the order of events only within a story. And they all do that very well, I’m not knocking them.

But what I (and many other F&SF writers) want is a timeline app that will help us create backstory, as well as plot. And for that you need something that’s bound to a dated timeline, plus the ability to modify that date structure.

I know, I know, moon on a stick. But if someone could fill that gap in the market, and do it in style, they’d have a hit.