though I don’t think I would personally use this one, Scrivener could use a timer that goes ding! for people who like to time their writing sessions.

http://perso.orange.fr/philippe.galmel/index_mac.html Parfait!

I agree, Minuteur is the last word in OSX timers. There’s really no need for anything else.

I agree that Minuteur is good, but it’s, well, it’s so French.

Take a look at Tiny Alarm. Free. Simple. Effective.



Pourquoi non Francais?

Le Francais est Sexy.

Le Directeure. :smiling_imp:

I personally prefer Alarm Clock 2:


M. Vic:

No offense. It was an inside joke for my oldest daughter, who lives in Provence.


Monsieur Phil,
Quelque chose Francaise est Sexy. Oui?

Bonne Chance Mon Ami

Le Directeure

M. Vic,

Ainsi ma fille, sexy mais digne d’éloges.

After which lexical flummery our hero, gallic posturing and pretensions laid bare, Jameson in one hand and Flann O’Brien in the other, (col)lapses into celtic delirium.

Revive me when it’s over.


[later edit]

My maladroit French and awkward English may have been misconstrued. What I meant was yes, French is a sexy language, and my daughter, though not altogether French, is sexy in her own dignified way. (She has reached that certain age, at which women – in France at any rate – can be both.)

Then, armed with bottle and book, I settled in for an evening’s relaxation. The bottle: already designated. The book: The Third Policeman, which I was reading for the third time. Just as outrageous and funny as it was the first.

You’d never think it, would you? Not even in your wildest nightmates. Who would have guessed that one retired welder could create such a global impact? But then, only Stockport could produce what amounts to a cross between Lech Walenska and a severe amphetamine habit.

Amber is right… “We’re doomed!”


All right!!

What have I done wrong now!

And whady mean , Amber said we`re doomed? You two been talking about me behind my back?

And another thing!! Without Lech, the Berlin Wall could still be standing.

vic :cry:

Hey, valente.mac

Thanks for the Alarm Clock 2 tip. I’m new to Macs and references to helpful bits of software are appreciated. It takes care of a small need and hopefully avoids Scrivener bloat.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I’ve been using AC2 for more than a year now and I find it efficient, non intrusive and, at the same time, quite sleek.

Good luck on your Mac life, btw.