Two of the features I was looking for before I purchased this program was timestamping and a calander. I searched for it in this forum and found two old post under the wish list. Have either of these things been added?

On a regular interval, I sit down to write ideas, things that had happened during the day, memories, etc… An hour or so later, I am still searching the web trying to find the perfect Mac application for writing. Arrgghh! :question:

There is a timestamp function, Edit>Insert>Current Date & Time (Opt-Shift-Cmd-D, although you can easily change this if you like). There is not a calendar feature, although depending what you’re after with that, you may be able to use the custom meta-data to create something that will work for you–for instance, a lot of users create timelines using a custom meta-data column in the outliner. There’s nothing like a pop-up calendar or alarms or that sort of thing that you’d find in a task manager type program or in some journal programs, but again, a lot of people on the forums have talked about how they use Scrivener for journaling or blogging or other date-oriented writing. If that’s what you’re after, you might get some ideas searching in the Zen or Tips & Tricks sections to see how other people set up the program to do this.


I think MM has covered everything - there is indeed a time stamp, but there is no calendar because Scrivener is a general-purpose writing program and not a task manager or a journal.

Thanks for trying though!

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I would like some way of automatically inserting into the text a current timestamp at the date and time of the compile.
Why? So I can easily keep track of my multiple editing drafts on my Kindle

There is a way of automatically inserting date and time stamps after all!
Dont know how I missed it: