Timestamps i in the story?

I am, at this moment, busy writing a novel in which there is four several parallel stories and there is several hundred small parts that will interfere with each other (over time). The easiest thing for me is to write the stories separate from each other and, in the end, put those together (depending on the teller’s voice etc).
My question: Is there a way in which I can write the stories in separate folders and, in the end of the day, put the parts together automatic by a “timestamp” (for example the first story peace will happened day 00 at 08:00 in the morning and the next 5 minutes later but with another person) and that these parts, when I, for exapmle, compile and export the text will find its right places…
Thanks for an excellent program // P

If you start every document title with the day number and a 24-hour clock time, formatted exactly the same, then you can sort your Draft folder by selecting just the folder and then going to Documents->Sort.

I suggest the following format:

ddd HH:MM Title

ddd = three-digit day number, just in case your story spans more than 99 days (consecutive or non).
HH = 24 hour clock time. It’s harder parse in your head, but 01:00 pm would come before 11:30 am, so 24 hour time is better.
MM = minutes
Title = anything you want. It won’t factor into the sorting.

You can also selectively add seconds (so the format would be ddd HH:MM:ss Title) if you have it down to that fine a time scale, so long as you use that format for every timestamp for that day. On any subsequent day, you could then go back to the standard format.

You are a genius! Thanks.

Correction: the sort will work with added seconds, but you only have to add seconds for all timestamps that fall on the same minute, not the same day. Once you move on to another minute, you can drop the seconds.

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