What is the key stroke for entering just the time for a timestamp vs getting the time and the date. Thanks.

The time-stamp command can be used to update automatically a template in a file with a new time stamp every time you save the file. Customize the hook before-save-hook to add the function time-stamp to arrange this. It you use Custom to do this, then time-stamp is conveniently listed as an option in the customization buffer.

The time stamp is updated only if the customizable variable time-stamp-active is on, which it is by default; the command time-stamp-toggle-active can be used to toggle it. The format of the time stamp is set by the customizable variable time-stamp-format.

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Hmm. I just want to enter the time anywhere in my text. For example. ctrl+t and get 12:36pm added to my text. Versus the *&^%D you have to press today to get the date and time.

Ctrl-T already does something, it transposes the two letters around the cursor. *&^%T on the other hand, looks free (ha). Perhaps if you post a request in the wish list board it will be considered. Right now, Scrivener only has a command for Date + Time. If you do a lot of this sort of thing, you might wish to look into using one of these type expansion tools (Typinator, Textexpander, etc.). Most of them allow you to create date/time short-cuts with ease, along with character names, URLs, and so on.

You may install WordService, Freeware from Devon Technologies.


Using this service you can enter timestamps (with or without date, you have several choices) in any text with a keystroke.