Tinderbox 6

I’ve watched this from Backstage for months, and it is really, really nice.

Many major changes - completely new interface - and lovely new features, including the fact that Tinderbox 6 can open Scrivener files directly.

Cash on the barrelhead.

I’ll take you down the road …


“Tinderbox Six is now available! Upgrades are free if you purchased Tinderbox in the past year, or just $98 from any previous version of Tinderbox. No need to look up your registration code; we’ll figure it out. Order your upgrade today, and download your copy of Tinderbox Six.”

Seems to be a trial version too.

Exciting (but I hope that in the desire to refresh, the application hasn’t entirely lost its eccentricity).

Hmmm. I rather hope it has. Tinderbox drives me mad. I swore that I was never going to give them another penny, but if Tinderbox Six is as different as all that, then I may have to upgrade after all…


Whew, I’m halfway through learning OmniFocus all over again. Add another to the list. :slight_smile: To say it is different is a bit of an understatement. It almost feels like a little Twig got mixed into the brew. Not a bad thing, but different.

One word of warning: if you have a TBX file with elaborate multi-window layouts, make a copy before opening it in Tb6. It appears to auto-save, and the mono-window interface will banish all those views.

Agreed. Definite Twiggishness.

Is it me or has the ability to paste pictures onto a map been dropped?

Do you mean “image adornments”? My own understanding of T6 hasn’t advanced to the point of helping you out, but there was this recent exchange in the Tinderbox forum.

Tinderbox Six fully supports images adornments in maps, as well as images pasted inside the text of notes.