Tinderbox offer for Scrivener users

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I mentioned this in the last newsletter, but in case you missed it or forgot, just to let you know that Tinderbox has a special offer on, but coming to a close, for Scrivener users:


This weekend is the end of the offer (it closes on the 4th February), so if you’ve been thinking about picking up Tinderbox, this weekend might be a good time. :slight_smile:

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Do you seriously recommend an app that isn’t properly signed and still doesn’t support Retina Macs?

Tinderbox is a great app but for a Mac only app, such lacking features are very difficult to explain.

You can create independent exclusions for applications you trust, that are not signed, you don’t have to turn the whole system off. Just right-click on them in Finder and select the “Open” command to override. The system isn’t there to make sure that each and every utility and program be signed (you’d be diminishing the Mac ecosystem by tens of thousands of useful utilities and programs!), it’s there to catch cases where software you are unaware of has been executed. Really though, don’t place too much trust in that system. The same level of caution in downloading programs you aren’t familiar with is still required, and many attack vectors have nothing at all to do with running software through the end-user layers.

As for Retina, I can’t say as I know nothing of its core systems, but since the entire UI is low-res, I suspect it is indeed a major overhaul to get it working on the few laptops that need it. Rewriting the entire UI (likely in Cocoa which is going to change more than just the UI) is a huge undertaking in an program like Tinderbox. It would probably be easy to explain, if I knew the details.

That’s what I understand Mark Bernstein, Tinderbox’s progenitor, is currently doing. The glimpses on his blog look pretty far advanced. And pretty. Though I don’t find the horror in “low-res” stuff that many do. Perhaps I’m just a visual philistine…

I honestly don’t even notice low-res applications after a while, but perhaps it is because I have my Retina set to scaled instead of the default. With all of those pixels, it seemed a waste to draw everything as though it were a 1280x screen or whatever the default is proportionally similar to.