Tinderbox reads Scrivener files

I was intrigued to see an announcement on the Tinderbox site to the effect that the latest version of Tinderbox will now read Scrivener files.


Hereunder you find the Release Note as far as the import from Scrivener is concerned:

"The new Tinderbox File menu command Import from Scrivener… imports Scrivener files directly, creating a new Tinderbox document.
Each text scrivening and folder becomes a Tinderbox note. Image, pdf, and Web scrivenings are currently ignored.
Scrivener keywords are imported to a Tinderbox set attribute, and the corresponding label colors become the note $Color.
Scrivener statuses are imported to a Tinderbox attribute.
Scrivener freeform corkboard positions are imported to Xpos and Ypos. If Scrivener is not using freeform corkboard positions, Tinderbox uses its own layout.
Scrivener custom metadata is mapped to Tinderbox attributes. Because Scrivener custom metadata labels may not be valid Tinderbox attribute names, Tinderbox uses Scrivener’s internal metadata names which are, in general, lower-case versions of the original metadata name in Scrivener with spaces and punctuation removed.
The Scrivener synopsis, if present, becomes the Tinderbox subtitle.

What Tinderbox does not (currently) import) Image, pdf, and Web scrivenings. Comments. Footnotes. Targets. Autocompletion list.

(b2) Tinderbox documents now use Darker Outline Colors because many Scrivener label colors are light.
(b3) Scrivener internal references are now loaded as basic links. The default link type “[InternalLink]” is mapped to “*untitled”. If an external reference is found, its URL is placed in the note’s $URL attribute. (If several external references are found, only one URL will be imported)
(b3) Problems in activating the newly-created window after Scrivener import should be improved."

Thanks Martin and Timotheus.

Interesting: I’ve begun to think, for no reason that I can articulate, that for me Tinderbox may be better at analysing material created elsewhere rather than creating stuff from scratch itself. Just a hunch - but in which case the new import-from-Scrivener could be useful.

I see also that The Tinderbox Way is newly out as an ebook.

Yes, it does – ooh the excitement!

I’ve just downloaded TinderBox and the “import from Scrivener” works exactly as advertised.

I’ll be using it to update books, and repurpose content.

Amazing, I never thought to ask for such a feature, and it’s exactly what I need.

Mark me a happy little camper today… :slight_smile:

It’s very useful and I imagine there’ll presently be some degree of round-tripping possible. Lovely.

For those using both Scrivener and Tinderbox, this aTbRef page describes the new Scrivener import from a Tinderbox perspective including further links to relevant Tinderbox features. I’ll be adding to this aTbRef page and linking out more from it if/when the functionality is expanded.