Tint icons in status color

In my use case I get tons of texts and other data from my customer to make a magazine from it. All these files end up in “Research”. When I edit a bunch of files to create one single article I mark the customers files as “done”. It would be nice to have a coloring feature as with labels so that I could use the binder entries of the “Research” folder as a colored to-do list and see at once how many work is to be done.

I have you tried renaming Label to Status and just using the coloured meta-data set for your status?

Cool. I’ll try this out. Any side effects?

Nothing internally to Scrivener. It doesn’t really care whether you use these for “status” or what. That is just a label for your way of thinking. Half of my projects don’t even have a status or label. Some use those for revision numbers, email addresses for contact info, and so on. But very often I use the coloured set for status because I like to turn on tinting and use that as a bit of a “to do” list too.