Tint recent texts and remembering text when opening external

Convoluted title - sorry.

  1. Skim has this great feature where the pages you viewed last are tinted blue, darker for more recently viewing. You can immediately tell what you were viewing last and the trail you marked as you jumped through a document.
    It would be fantastic is Scriv. could do something similar: when selecting a new text, the old one coloured blue so you knew where you’d been. Even one level would be helpful, but multiple shades for more ‘memory’ would be even better.

  2. When you right click on a PDF for example, to open in ext. viewer, Scriv. the selects this for display in the main Scriv. viewing window. I would rather it remembered which text I was editing, or at least gave me a preference to have it remember. This way I could quickly click to open a PDF externally and still have the text I’m editing in the main window, ready for more data.

Thanks. Great app.

Do you currently use the forward and back buttons in the header of the editor? They should give you a similar functionality, of easily returning to where you were previously.

I hadn’t even noticed them! Thanks, Matt. I think my feature request can still stand, but the fwd/back buttons make things easier.


I’m a bit like that still with half of the features, and I have been using for a month or so now. It is one of those programs where little time-savers and features seem to popup all the time.

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest extensively reading the tutorial and also the (updated Beta) help file at some point - they are both good at pointing out these sorts of features that otherwise can go unnoticed.


Something like activity ageing would be cool. Tinderbox has this neat subtle feature where newly edited nodes are eggshell blue, and over the course of about a day they fade to white. Then they very slowly fade to yellow over the course of many months. You can quickly see what sections you’ve touched in recent history. Ulysses also has a feature like this. Newly edited documents have a dot, which slowly fades over a long period of time, but for some reason I’ve always found the blue-white-yellow and timing of Tinderbox’s implementation a bit more useful. Either way, it is something Scrivener could benefit from, and if Keith likes the idea, perhaps when 2.0 starts gearing up, that is something that could be looked at. I think the primary problem would be that icon tinting can already be used for label indication, and adding another element to the Binder, even Skim-like background colouring, might back the Binder look too cluttered.

But yes, the built-in history is a powerful tool. You can also use Cmd-[ and ] to flip through the history very quickly. This also works in full screen mode, and can be “pre-loaded” with a set of documents you want to edit. If you select a range of documents and press the full screen button, these documents will be loaded into the history.

The implementations in TB and U sound good, especially TB, as you say.

And thanks Amber for the tip on preloading for full screen mode, that’s not a tip I would have stumbled into myself.

Back to my essay, then!

Can somebody remind me about this when I start taking suggestions for 2.0 in about a year or so? It’s a good idea, just not one I’m going to be looking at soon because it would mean certain elements would need redesigning.