Tinting doc icons in binder

Is there a way of tinting the document icons in the binder, or getting “labelâ€

View -> Tint icons with label color

Thanks. So it was staring me in the face all the time, like the purloined letter!


That tints them with the Label colour but not with the Status. I too would like to be able to see, in the Binder, which document I need to work on.

Hi, there is a workaround that I use. I use the label for status information and status for additional details:

Custom Labels

Here’s my status list (this becomes stamped across index cards for additional information:


This way, when something is “to do,” it appears with a red tint in the binder. Very neat.


update: I could not include the images directly with BBCode (why?) so I am posting the links; sorry, an additional click for a very simple thing.

That’s useful thanks, although I like the colouring to see the different stages of the story, so I can’t really win.

Tripper, I’m not really sure what you mean by that, but the Labels are really freely customizable.

There is a setup panel available under File>Label and Status setup… that allows you to change the label names and colors as well as define a custom title for the whole thing:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

(sorry, I can’t for some reason embed the images here)

It’s really extremely flexible


I want to have my cake and eat it! :wink:

While I can add colours to Labels, which I use to denote different stages of the story, I can’t do that to the status, which I use in its traditional sense to denote To do, first draft, rework, final draft etc. If I swap the use, which I think is what you are suggesting, then I will lose the colour coding for the stages of my story.

What I really want is to be able to see both in the binder, or more realistically choose which to display.

I’m afraid I have no plans to add this feature. I think having more than one colour associated with a document would be visually confusing. It would also call into question the meaning of index card colours and so forth.
Sorry. :frowning:
All the best,

Agreed about the colours. Perhaps a symbol of some kind denoting completion of text. So To Do would be an empty circle, first draft quarter full, final draft would be a complete circle.

Obviously though, if no one else feels a need for it…

The trouble then is that “Status” could be renamed to anything and you can have any number of items in a status list (you could add “Oh, I forgot this bit” as a status item, for instance. So, you would need an infinite number of symbols and then it wouldn’t make sense if the status list was used for something else… It could see in the future maybe assigning a letter to each status item and have this appear in a circle in the binder on the right, but this would be a lot of work and certainly not something I would consider in the near future.

fair enough, I hadn’t really thought it through…