Tiny bug (?) for insane people

Should you, for the hell of it, delete ALL your projects in Win Explorer, when you restart Scriv you go to the “which template would you like to use” screen but no matter what you do the “create” button stays resolutely greyed out.

Am about to re-install. Just wanted to beat up the S/W as it was causing me grief (OK learning curve maybe) :smiley:

As I said - insane! Something for the final Alpha perhaps…or maybe not even then. Serves em right for deleting all your nice folders.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing, I could think about doing it for YEARS!



Fascinating, I’ll have to try that one. To be clear, you deleted your projects–that you created–and didn’t go into the application folder and delete all the resources for the templates, right? But then no matter what template you clicked in the start-up window and what file name you typed, you couldn’t get a new project created?

So true. And then by the time you finally get around to doing it, there’ll be a whole new fad you’ll have to look into first.

Oh you are good…

I forgot to enter a file name :blush:

It work fine. I go bed. I have just cleaned up 60k words. The spell checker in Word is getting so good. It spots things like taxi diver and says… are you sure?

Anyway sorry for being a dope PLEASE delete this thread.

Night night.