Tiny bug in new indentation

Re - I didn’t want to rain on the parade in the other thread, and it seems minor but I thought sooner is better than later to mention the fact that if the bullet style is changed, then indentation can accidentally revert on further indentation (of the last item?)

Pic shows various stages of development; the key observation is that after applying numbering and then re-applying bullets the numbers are not entirely forgotten…

I’ve tried to follow along as I understand the steps of creating and editing the list from the illustration but I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem you’ve shown of the bullet not changing, nor of the last item in the list using the incorrect indentation.

I did run into a problem of wrong indentation if a line following the list is selected when changing the bullet style; that line will then be added into the list and given a bullet, and that bullet isn’t using the correct list indentation but retains the ruler settings already on the line as if it weren’t a list item. But that’s only occurring in my tests with a line that was not already part of the list, so it doesn’t look like what you’re seeing here, where “discontent” already was a list item.

Could you provide the specific steps for triggering the bug?

The indentation of the last item is correct, but it’s a number and not a bullet :slight_smile:

Steps from Empty Document…

  • Turn on bullets

  • Type (without quotes): “Now”, Return, Tab; “Is”, Return, Tab; “Winter”

    • Cursor is now just after “r” of Winter at the bottom of the document
  • Select All Bullets (image)


  • Apply hierarchical numbering (image)


  • Reapply bullets (no image)

  • Ctrl + Left Arrow to place insertion point in front of “Winter”, type Tab.

  • Result (image):


Finally, try a few undo steps :slight_smile:

TBH, I was surprised I could reproduce it, but… voila!

NB I have also found various other problems with editing numbered lists (not pure bullets), e.g. when trying to move things around (cut & paste, or drag): the numbering goes wrong when dragging a para number at root level n into the middle of the section above at a 1.2… level leaves it “out of sequence” as an n.) It’s hard/confusing to describe – just play around with it for a minute and you’ll see. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll try to reproduce.

At the risk of telling granny how to suck eggs: probably not worth checking & fixing on this Scrivener version ( but definitely the new version using Qt6! (Could be a Qt5 thing.)