tiny highlighting request

I do enjoy Scrivener. A lot. However, as with most software, there is this one little thing that makes me growl from time to time, & I imagine (hope?) it would be an easy thing to change:

In the word processors I use, when I select text and hit the highlight button, the shading around the text changes color to confirm that the highlighting has actually happened. Not in Scrivener. When I hit the highlight button, even if the text is now highlighted, nothing on the screen indicates this. I have to take it on faith that my mouse pad and I were in agreement on the whole clicking thing.

It would be really helpful to be able to see that the highlighting has been highlit, since clicking the highlight button a second time undoes the highlighting (a feature I like, when I do it on purpose). I’ve had frustrating Scrivener moments when I’ve thought I’ve clicked the highlight button but apparently haven’t; I don’t find out until I deselect the text, only to find it in its virgin, not-highlighted state. Given that I often control-click a bunch of separate words to highlight at a time, having to go back and click on each of them again makes me glum. Or irritated, depending on whether there’s any Zen left in the tank.

Anyhoo, I know it’s a small, small thing, but I thought I’d toss it in the pile of hoped-for programming possibilities.

Works fine for me.

It could be that your chosen “highlight” color is the same as the screen background color, and therefore invisible. If you click the little arrow on the right side of the highlight button, you’ll get a palette for color selection.

Or do you mean that the highlighting is invisible because it’s behind the mouse cursor selection color? Yeah, that is kind of annoying.


Scrivener uses the OS X text system, and I’m afraid that this is just the way that works - there’s no way of making the selection colour transparent. I agree that it’s not ideal, though.
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In Notebook, which I used before, the text shading doesn’t become transparent when you enter the highlight command. Instead, you get an additive effect – the text selection shading’s color plus the highlight color underneath.

With my computer’s settings, the text selection color is lavender. Once I select text (lavender) and enter the highlight command (red, for example), the lavender shading gets combined with the red highlighting and results in the text being shaded in a darker bluish-red. So, due to the color shift, I know the text has been highlighted, and I can still do italics or change font or whatever before deselecting the text.

That’s what I would be hoping for. Not for the selection’s shading to become transparent (to show the actual highlighting color beneath), but to have the highlight color added underneath, allowing the two colors to combine. That way, even though I couldn’t see the exact highlight color, I’d know that highlighting has been applied to the text.

Perhaps that is still not available in the OSX system. I just thought I’d clarify (had to go back and start hitting buttons in Notebook to sort it all out).

I was surprised and impressed with how quickly you responded, by the way. :slight_smile:
Thank you.