Tiny Markdown support improvement idea

You know what would be awesome?

If Scrivener would convert embedded web links into Markdown links.

I mostly write for the web, and my site is set up for Markdown, so ultimately I want to export to Markdown. However, I’m an old school Ted Nelson acolyte and use hyperlinks everywhere, and even with Markdown syntax it gets intrusive rereading and editing the text. Using split markdown links like this helps a bit, but then I have to keep track of which labels I’ve used.

If Scrivener’s Edit > Add Link… added a link which would get translated to [selected text](link URL) on export to MMD, I could use that feature instead.

Since the HTML export handles links, I assume it shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Right now it’s almost worth exporting to HTML and then using pandoc to convert back to Markdown, except that loses blockquotes and code quotes.

Something I do for link management (and have done for years) is keep all of the links relevant to a section (or even all together if there are not many) in a separate file in the Draft, set to “As-Is” so it doesn’t generate a title if it otherwise would. It will basically just be an “invisible” file since all it contains are link references. This means you can now easily load the file up in a split view if you need to reference or add an anchor name (you can also add them remotely with the Edit/Append Selection to Document/ sub-menu). For my larger projects, I sometimes add link anchor names to the project auto-complete list (but that is more for internal cross-references that are used frequently).

I also try to use link references that mean something to me. Something like [MultiMarkdown documentation][MMD Docs] is more useful to me than remembering that the MMD documentation link is #49.

As for the idea, we do have this on the list of things to look in to already.