Tiny Problem in Character Sketch Template (2.0)

This is a really minor problem, but it should be equally minor to fix.

Every time I would create a new character sketch from the template, I’d fill in the character name, and it would move well off-center. If the name was long enough, it would eventually center itself, but shorter names appear well over to the right.

Tracked it down: there is an unnecessary tab character in the Character Sketch template, which you can see if you turn on invisibles. It is right up against the “C” in “Character Name.” I fixed it on the project I’m currently working on, but it’ll keep coming back every time I create a new project, so it would be nice to get it fixed in the official release.

The same problem doesn’t appear to exist in the “Setting Sketch” template.

Whilst I’m grateful to you for spotting it, you just made a grown man cry. :slight_smile: I have sixteen templates to plough through today… After six hours I am now on number three.

Sorry about that. Here I am thinking, “all you have to do is delete a single invisible character on a single file.” It never occurred to me that you would have to repeat said procedure many times over for all the different templates.

On the bright side, I think Scrivener 2 is absolutely brilliant, and I can’t wait to give you my money!

Thank you! I’ve fixed the extra tab in the affected templates - thanks again for spotting it.