Tiny suggestion about icon in Finder

Hi there.

When I’m opening a finder in list view, it’s sometimes not clear which is the Scrivener doc.

On my MacBook it comes up as a simple white rectangle with folded corner. There may be some writing on it, but too tiny to make out. The Word icons have a nice blue bar on top and a clear blue a to distinguish them. Text Edit has a bit of a coloured blob in the bottom right hand corner. Can you put a larger, more distinctive Scrivener logo on your icon somewhere? It would save me - oh, seconds - in finding my Scriverner doc and getting my screenplay out to the world.

Thanks - Nigel

Do you use icon previews at all? I’ve always turned those off globally because they impact performance, and in the folders I do wish them enabled (graphics folders, mainly) I can do that independently. Check in the Cmd-J panel and untick “Show icon preview”. For me, this uses more distinctive icons for everything on the system.

Works great. Thanks for the tip.