Tip: Compiling document with images (graphics)

I figured this out and thought I would pass it on to anyone else who finds himself confused about line height and graphics.

I have a number of figures in my Scrivener database. Each is in its own document, with the figure on the first line, then the title, then a description.

If you override formatting in compile and set “Line Height Multiple” to 2 in order to get “double spaced” lines, then the figures won’t print right. Scrivener says, “Well, the figure is 400 pts high, so double space would be 800 pts, so let me scroll the figure down 400 pts on the page.” This is not what you want.

Instead choose one of:
• Line height multiple = 1.0, Line height “at least” 24 points, Inter-line spacing 0 points
• Line height multiple = 1.0, Line height “at least” 12 points, Inter-line spacing 12 points

I have not figured out how (if at all) the two options above differ.


Yes, this is an annoyance with the OS X text system, the fact that double-spacing affects images by making the line twice the size of the image. It’s on my list to look into whether I can subclass and override that behaviour somewhere…