Tips for Color Coding and Labels, Status, and Keywords

I’ve found some tricks that help me view the status and makeup of a project. Maybe they’ll give you some ideas.

I use Scrivener’s Label to be my Status (I call it Status Label). That way, I can see at a glance what scenes are yet to do, first draft, revised draft, etc. I don’t use Scriv’s status for this because I can’t color code the binder or index cards using Status. Note that in addition to the status, I have some labels that are used simply to color the items in the binder.

I use Scrivener’s Status to indicate whether the scene is an action scene or a “sequel” scene (less action). I use ACTION! or nothing. That way, I can see whether I have too many of one type in a row.

I use the keywords to show me where the Act breaks are (Using Blake Snyder’s Act 1, Act 2 (first half), Act 2 (second half), and Act 3).

I use the document icons to indicate the POV character.

It would be nice if the background of the binder items could be color coded for Label, Status, or First Keyword. That way, I could choose which aspect of the scenes to view. I’d also like to be able to use the freeform display on the corkboard in the above situation.

I only recently learned how to see only the scene index cards on the corkboard. I created a Collection of scenes only, then selected all of those scenes and showed them on the corkboard. Even if I switch back to viewing the binder, the index cards stay. This works better than “Open with all subdocuments.”

Hope that helps. Enough procrastination–back to work!

Hmmm, this is giving me some ideas. Very cool of you to share, Al :smiley: