Tips for lack of scrollbar arrows in Yosemite

Hi all,

I am hoping you can give me some advice.

My Mum, who is used to using scrollbar arrows in Windows OS, would find holding and dragging on the laptop too difficult. Have you got any tips on what the easiest method would be to teach her to scroll down and up in a window.

I am currently thinking the up and down arrow keys, but this method doesn’t work when filling out forms so I am thinking clicking in the scrollbar as well.

The two finger trackpad gesture might be too tablet-y for her. Likes laptop because she prefers trackpad and keyboard.

Life would be so much easier if you could enable scrollbar arrows in preferences…

This might be the one thing that puts her off using the mac. sigh

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

Press the Fn key (lower left corner) and up or down arrow. Works similar to pagenup and down.

Show her two-finger scrolling on the track pad. It feels quite natural.

Another few tricks: although hidden like on iOS by default, you can force scrollbars to always show, going back to a more familiar look of having a gutter on the right with a thing in it that you can use to gauge how long the work is and where you are in it. This scrollbar is also traditional in that you can more easily interact with it using the mouse. That setting is in the General system preference pane.

True, there are no arrow buttons, but the other trick (and I believe this is the same for Windows) is that the arrow buttons were but one way of paging, you could also click anywhere in the gutter above or below the bar to go back a page or to the next. So you can kind of think of the whole area above or below the scrollbar as being a big PgUp/PgDown button pair.

Yes, it works that way in Windows as well, even in Windows 10 with touch. :slight_smile: